The importance of investing in your craft - MixedByAli


2 minute read

Two months ago I had the opportunity to learn from MixedByAli. It was a life changing experience. I say this because I came out feeling inspired with a sense of direction, a whole new appreciation for my circle of friends and a belief in myself and the music I make.

Having respect for the process drives quality. It’s all science and planning.

This encounter with Ali made me realise that as artists, we all go through the same process but we are just at different stages. We just need to believe in ourselves and stay consistent with our work.

Investing in your craft means to consistently practise and learn everything about what you love doing. Ali has 5 Grammys, never went to sound engineering school - he learnt from youtube, practising mixing other peoples songs for free and making himself an asset for TDE.

If you’re wondering how I made this happen - It’s because I follow MixByAli, saw an opportunity that I couldn’t miss, booked my ticket to London and hit his team up.

Through this encounter I’ve gained invaluable knowledge, belief in my work, an insight to a pro’s work ethic, gigs and most importantly.. a network of people who support my career!!

Phil Y