5 Helpful ways to network as introverts.


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I was a bedroom DJ for 4 years until I landed my first set and it was never clear why it took me so long to get gigs. I was always anxious being in groups of people, I feared approaching promoters for gigs and was uncomfortable with telling people that I am a DJ.

I’m going to share tips on how you can be yourself, ease into meeting new people and how to they can lead to gigs!

  1. Love the music you listen to and attend gigs purely to support the artist or your local scene. In my experience I found that just by being around the community I naturally ended up meeting people.

  2. MixedByAli told me - “the best way to be heard is to look out for someone”. Lend a hand to whoever’s asking for help - make yourself available because you want to help and don’t expect anything in return. I most recently did a favour for a friend and ended up landing a job as a tour manager for one of the biggest touring companies in Australia.

  3. Don’t be afraid to ask for help - Most recently I put up an Instagram story asking for help on one of my songs. I had a handful of people reach out and give me advice, this was great because I learnt new techniques, made new friends and solved my problem!

  4. Create just to create and share what you do. Your work is an extension of yourself, don’t be afraid to share it. Those who appreciate you and see you working will most likely be supportive of what you do.

  5. Start small! Don’t put pressure on yourself to try and meet the most important person in the building. All you need to do is start collaborating with those around you and you will find that your circle will organically grow :)

Phil Y